March, 2017

Employee Culture:
A Humble Brag

Have you ever given much thought to the term “melting pot”? And no, we’re not talking about the fondue chain that sadly closed its Chicago doors a couple years back. We’re referring to, melting pot: a group of different people of different backgrounds merging together to create a new culture. Well, that’s we here at AgencyMSI. Each of our employees has a diverse history and expertise that allow us to come together as a top advertising agency in Chicago. Whether we’re developing content strategy or drafting print ads, there is an impressive range of knowledge among us all, if we do say so ourselves.

Along with our integrated marketing know-how is the smarts to make our workplace a fun, dynamic place where a positive employee culture is met with open arms and occasionally open adult beverages (more on that later). Some may even say we’re a melting pot of people who have mastered having a good time. Or is that the LaCroix talking? You be the judge.


50 Years of Friendships

AgencyMSI opened its doors in 1961. Fast math, that’s 56 years ago. So guess we know a thing or two. One thing is for sure, we know the importance of meaningful employee relations. From social lunches to birthday celebrations, AgencyMSI cultivates a collaborative energy that stimulates creativity and comfortability – a combination that’s served us well for nearly six decades and counting. And this collaborative energy isn’t contained solely behind our glass doors, which can’t always be said for other companies.

According to a New York Times article from 2015, Americans reported inviting 32 percent of their closest colleagues to their homes, compared with 66 percent in Poland and 71 percent in India. First, kudos India. Second, plenty of us at AgencyMSI have been known to extend an all-inclusive invite. Our VP of Public Relations, for example, hosts an annual Halloween Spooktacular at her home. It’s spooky and loads of fun. What makes AgencyMSI great is the friendships go beyond the 9 to 5.


Views and Brews

AgencyMSI is located on the 30th floor of 233 N. Michigan Ave., which offers sensational views of the Chicago River, a peekaboo of Millennium Park and Lake Michigan, and for you sports fans, a prime seat for last year’s historic Cubs World Series Champions parade and multiple Blackhawks Stanley Cup parades in years past. Thanks to our open-floor concept, face-to-face collaboration is the norm, and when we get those creative juices flowing, we can pair them with a nice sugar rush at any time thanks to multiple candy-filled jars kindly, or regrettably, situated outside the kitchen. Then at the end of those crazier days–you know, like the ones following a product launch, line review, digital creative presentation or a PR event–we have a fully stocked refrigerator of rotating beers. So when a Pamplemousse LaCroix just won’t cut it, we can kick back with a cold brewski. It’s 5 o’clock somewhere.


Bagel Fridays, Every Friday

Includes a selection of seven cream cheese flavors to choose from. Enough said.

Have you had enough of our humble brags? I guess what we’re trying to say is that AgencyMSI’s company culture has a whole lot to do with the creativity that is sparked in and outside the office walls. It makes bringing fresh ideas to the table everyday a little bit easier. With that said, you’re always welcome to partake of a sparkling water or an adult beverage with us. Consider this your invite.