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Category: Culture

May, 2017

Spotify: Introducing Our AgencyMSI Playlists

We are super excited to share our Spotify playlists! Every other Monday, we will feature a themed playlist curated by a different team member. You'll hear everything from Cat Power to Duke Ellington. We love our pop, rock, classical, jazz, punk, indie and more from all decades. Read Article

April, 2017

Always Adapting: Repositioning and Rebranding an Agency

The marketing world is changing at a rapid pace. AgencyMSI is committed to changing with it. Brand repositioning isn't an exercise used only for our clients. So, it was time to take a close look at ourselves, our processes and our philosophies. This what we discovered. Read Article

March, 2017

Employee Culture:
A Humble Brag

Each of our employees has a diverse history and expertise that allow us to come together as a top advertising agency in Chicago. Whether we’re developing content strategy or drafting print ads, there is an impressive range of knowledge among us all, if we do say so ourselves. Read Article